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The following pages list all the 2119 dances in our database Click on view script in the last column to see the dance.


Dance Name  
(In The) Line of Fire  
100% Texan  
12 Ounce World  
12th of Never  
1313 Heartbreak Avenue  
1st Steps  
2 Hot 2 Sleep  
2 Much  
20 Kisses  
29 Days  
29 Nights  
3 Words  
36 and Counting  
4 5 6 Waltz  
4 Wheel Drive  
500 Reasons  
6 Months and 18 Days  
80 Proof  
9 To 5  
A B Whirl  
A Beautiful Waltz  
A Big Love  
A Boy and a Girl Thing  
A Cowboy and A Dancer  
A Creepin  
A Different World  
A Dreamer's CHA CHA  
A Feelin Like That  


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