Line Dance Scripts


On this site you will find 2129 dances by 914 Choreographer's.
We try to find you nice dances by good choreographers where possible without Tags and Restarts you won't find thousands of dances on this site but what we have are quality. Like our sister site Blazing Boots we try to promote line dancing to country music. You will not just find line dances here we have some good partner dances as well as a reasonable selection of circle and mixer dances enjoy.

Latest addition to the site:
Novice and Beginner Line Dance script ebook click here to download.

Beginner Intermediate Line Dance script ebook click here to download.

Intermediate Line Dance ebook click here to download,

Partner Dance ebook click here to download

If your lucky enough to have a IPAD or IPHONE then you can import this booklet into Itunes under library click on books then file add to library the booklet can then be read on ibooks on your IPAD or IPHONE, totally free enjoy more books to come soon. Top tip booklets are PDF's so can be read in adobe acrobat on other systems, in ibooks click on books in the library and you have the option to view pdf's.

Some do's and don't of line dancing and for that matter partner dancing,

1. Respect other dancers.

2. Line Dancers beware of Partner Dancers coming round the outside. Just because you are there doesn't mean they have seen you.

3. Partner Dancers watch out for line dancers remember sometimes they have their backs to you.

4. Kicking, pushing and shoving other dancers out of the way is never acceptable, the world won't end if you miss a step or two.

5. Free loading is never acceptable if you don't have to pay to go into a venue buy a drink or raffle tickets otherwise next time it may not be there.

6. Don't Laugh at other dancers efforts remember we all struggled once, try to help it will make you feel better and you may make new friends.

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